New album: “Mocambo”

Dear old, new and unknown friends, YES! a new album is coming:
we conceived it, rehearsed it, recorded it, mixed it, …
and now we have to pay for it. «Mocambo» will be our third album,
and the first one with the current band formation:
7 musicians playing 7 original songs, about 7 minutes per song,
recorded in 7 days, with 7 notes. (Coincidence???)

Anyway, we try to improve ourselves and our music and the costs
of the album are growing with us. So we need to collect 9000.- to cover
the recording, mixing, mastering and producing costs of the album.

That’s why we propose you to support us by pre-ordering an album or choosing one of our special rewards.

If you want, as you can, any help will help.

Follow the link: