Amaromar [Remix] is a compilation of 10 remixes and 2 covers of the original homonymous album by Saraka (released May 1th 2020, Rad Fyah). The remix album includes tracks by twelve different artists from a vast variety of genres, ranging from sunny dub to dark & melancholic synth ambients, passing by autotune & trap, lovely javanese armonie, electro-jazzy-desert-bass, screamy & poetry electro-post-punk, lucrative lo-fi garage, techno sunset, experimental dodecaphonic, trip-hop nostrano less-is-more, sweet chill acoustic bossanova, viral-wild-horse electro hardcore.

The compilation is available on Bandcamp at the price you’ll decide yourself. The total income will be shared equally among the artists who participated. Do not hesitate to support the artists you like.

New album out now. This time produced by the rising, fresh and positively vibrant Zurich label: Rad Fyah (check it out).

6 new original songs that I won’t waste time presenting, as they present themself better on their own.
To taste two songs, to pre-order “Amaromar” on CD, Vinyl and digital album, or to open an extra window on your internet browser you can follow this link: