We are Saraka, a  colourful bunch of musicians and multiinstrumentalists from the german, french and italian part of Switzerland. As if the tower of babylon like  language setting wasn’t enough, we sing in Portuguese or Spanish. We have committed ourselves to latin american grooves reaching from Son to Cumbia, but it goes even further with grooves from the African continent like Angola and thelike. The constant parameter is clearly a “trippy” music which makes people happy, dance and bounce late into the night. This is what we like – and this is how we think music should be.

After recording two albums with some covers of traditional songs, we have expanded our instrumentation and coloured it to traditional colombian flutes (gaitas), bassclarinet, jarana and much more and added a percussionist for even more groove to come up with a setlist of only own stuff.





C&D – guitar, charangon, vocal
Pino Scalacane – guitar, vocal
Tino Del Valle – congas, vocal
Jerry Laffely – clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, vocal
Thiegu Marro – alto and tenor sax
Ugo Ma Race – drums
Emilio Joe Vanoli – bass and double bass